Welcome to Lee Ufan Arles. In this private mansion built between the XVIth and XVIIIth centuries, you will find the very particular universe of the artist Lee Ufan.

The Vernon Hotel in Arles
Initially a medieval house located in an Arlesian neighborhood of noblemen and lawyers, the building became a private mansion when Richard Duport acquired it in 1618.

From the 17th to the 17th century, the house underwent numerous enlargements and decorative enrichments.

It was adorned with architectural elements representative of their respective periods, which can still be seen during the visit, such as the French ceilings and the vaults with round arches from the late Renaissance, or the facade with arched windows and the large door with mouldings and walnut woodwork, typical of 18th century architecture.

The building took the name of Hotel Duport-Vernon when Anne-Marguerite Duport, heiress of the owner of the place, married Guillaume de Ginestoux, Count of Vernon, in 1711.

Bernard and Louis Remacle, two illustrious mayors of Arles, also took up residence here in the 19th century.
Path to Arles
In 1925, the mansion was returned to the Dervieux family, antique dealers of Provencal furniture, who set up their store and restoration workshop on the first floor.

Since 2017, the premises are preparing to host the Lee Ufan Arles endowment fund to offer an exhibition space dedicated to the work of the artist Lee Ufan. The latter, a close friend of the architect Tadao Ando, is exchanging with him to transform the place into a refined artistic setting in harmony with the historically plural architecture of the Hotel Duport-Vernon.

In April 2022, Lee Ufan Arles opened its doors to the public, who could finally wander through the centuries and rooms of this elegant residence to discover and contemplate the artist's works. 

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