European Museum Night 2024

European Museum Night 2024

Until dusk

Saturday, May 18, 2024, 6pm to 9pm

Lee Ufan Arles welcomes you to its second Nuit des Musées event, from 6pm to 9pm.

Before sunset, enjoy the permanent collection of works by Lee Ufan, the temporary exhibition Henri Michaux sur fonds noirs, and the opening of the Atelier MA, where Lee Ufan Arles's programming and activities for young audiences will be presented.

Lee Ufan Arles - Relatum - Ciel sous erre

Guided themed tours: (45 min)

Reservations at, subject to availability.

- 6:30 pm: "Lee Ufan and nature":

Lee Ufan explores the possibility of coexistence between man and nature. This visit

will offer a philosophical reflection on the natural and the artificial through the works of

the artist.

- 7:30pm: "L'ombre des étoiles":

Light and shadow are an integral part of Lee Ufan's work. With this visit,

Let's learn to observe these discreet but important elements in the artist's work.

- 8:15pm: "Guided tour":

Before nightfall, come and discover a selection of works retracing the journey of the

by Lee Ufan.

Free admission:

- Permanent exhibition:

The first floor and second floor of Hôtel Vernon showcase Lee Ufan's historic and recent works.

- Espace MA :

On the top floor of the Hôtel Vernon, this space dedicated to temporary exhibitions welcomes Henri Michaux sur fonds noirs, as part of the Festival du Dessin 2024.

- Atelier MA :

During the Nuit des Musées, the Atelier MA, opposite the Hôtel Vernon, offers free access to Lee Ufan Arles' activities for young audiences.

Many thanks to the teams at Musée départemental Arles Antique; Luma Arles; Museon Arlaten - Musée de Provence; Musée Réattu; Musée de la Camargue and theArles Tourist Office for all their hard work in preparing this event!

Click here to see the full program for European Museum Night.

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