The Little Fans' Workshops

The Little Fans' Workshops

Times and dates: Two Wednesdays a month, from 2 to 4:30 p.m.
Age : 5 to 8 years
Prices : 12€ per child (snack included)
Gauge: 6 children maximum

Wednesday 04.10 Like Tadao Ando

Tadao Ando is a Japanese architect renowned for his work with light and concrete. During this workshop, Little Fans can discover the architect's universe and the vocabulary associated with the creation of an architectural space by creating their own Ciel sous Terre in clay, inspired by the work Tadao Ando created in collaboration with Lee Ufan. 

Wednesday 15.11 The road to Arles

In Lee Ufan Arles is a work rooted in Lee Ufan's philosophy and his affection for the city of Arles. A mirrored, poetic and uncluttered work, Chemin vers Arles encourages us to contemplate our surroundings and dig deep into our imagination. During this workshop, create your own Chemin vers Arles and compose a natural setting whose reflections will be those of your imagination.

‍Wednesday29.11 Ceilings in bloom

As part of a renovation project respectful of the Hôtel Vernon's illustrious past, certain architectural elements, such as the French ceilings dating from the 17th century, have been meticulously restored. For this workshop, the Petits Fans will learn about heritage conservation and make a charm box inspired by the decorative ornamentation of the coffered ceilings on the museum's 1st floor. 

Wednesday 13.12 A word like a house

At the heart of his Requiem exhibition at Les Alyscamps in 2021, Lee Ufan installed a work in homage to French artist Christian Boltanski. Small bells were suspended from the trees in the alleyway, inspired by the French artist's Forest of Whispers, located on the island of Teshima in Japan, where anyone can come and hang the name of a loved one on a small bell. For this workshop, the Petits Fans will be inspired by this poetic installation to make a wish-box to hang on the Christmas tree.

End-of-year vacations at Lee Ufan Arles!

Tuesday 26.12 : Volume painting

Lee Ufan's installations are designed to interact with their environment, their volumes and curves in harmony with the space around them. During this workshop, the Petits Fans will be introduced to volume creation and the multiplicity of forms and creativity it can invest. 

Wednesday 27.12 Light Catcher 

Light is a key issue in museums. We control it to preserve the collections, but we also play with it to enhance the works. You can dim it, aim it, reduce it, make it sparkle and even color it. For this workshop, the Petits Fans will create a light-catcher to capture the sun's rays in color. 

Thursday 28.12: My house is a book

Every museum tells a story: that of an artist, a region or an era. The same is true of houses: each room in a house tells the story of its occupants, through its furniture, layout or decoration. For this workshop, the Petits Fans will create a pop-up house-book, with each room coming straight out of their imagination. 

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