The Little Fans' Workshops

The Little Fans' Workshops

Age : 5 to 8 years
Price : 12€ per child (snack included)
Schedule: 2pm - 4:30pm
Gauge : 6 children maximum

Wednesday 14.02 : The night is dark so you can dream

Guest artist: Djabril Boukhenaïssi

Djabril Boukhenaïssi, artist-in-residence at Lee Ufan Arles this winter, wonders what Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night would look like if it were painted today. 

What if the night disappeared one day because of our lifestyles? Have you ever looked at the stars? What do you dream about at night? Based on an engraving by the artist, participants will create a dreamlike nightscape using gouache.

Wednesday 20.03 Hanami

In Japan, Hanami, which means "looking at flowers", is the traditional custom of appreciating the beauty of flowers, particularly cherry blossoms, known as sakura. Their blossoming brings a sense of vitality and renewal. For this workshop, the Petits Fans create a small fabric fan inspired by various floral motifs. 

Wednesday 03.04: Focusing time

Ever since he was a child, Lee Ufan has enjoyed observing stones on his walks along the river. The stones that punctuate our exhibition space are thousand-year-old granite stones, carefully chosen by the artist. Inspired by this natural material so dear to Lee Ufan, participants reflect on what the artist calls "the concentration of time". Using the notion of strata, they represent the stone of their choice through the art of collage.  

Wednesday 17.04: Drop by drop, drop by drop

In Lee Ufan's Infinity of the vessel, a small drop falls at regular intervals into a basin filled with water. The vessel becomes a receptacle for the passage of time, materialized by the drop. Inspired by this installation, and by the color palette used by Lee Ufan, the Petits Fans create a clay pot in which they plant a seed to water and watch grow over time.

Wednesday 15.05: Time for inspiration

Lee Ufan rarely uses the medium of video in his artistic production. In the installation Ciel sous terre, we can see the blue sky over the island of Kyushu, filmed in real time and lasting 7 minutes. Using the stop-motion technique, children form a team to evoke the artist's long career.

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