The 11-14 Workshop

The 11-14 Workshop

Timetable: One Saturday a month, from 2 to 4.30 p.m.

Age: 11 to 14

Price: €12 (snack included)

‍Saturday14.10 Espace Libre

Lee Ufan considers the space and environment of a work to be an integral part of what makes it a work. Understanding volumes and spaces, as well as gravity or the properties of a material, is essential to the artist's work. For this workshop, participants will compose a spontaneous paper architecture that takes over the space and plays with volumes, shapes and colors. 

Saturday 25.11 Indoor/Outdoor

The rooms of the Hôtel Vernon punctuate the visit with architectural elements that have stood the test of time. These include arched vaults, French ceilings and a staircase with straight flights. In this workshop, participants will have to open their eyes and notice these characteristic elements of the Hôtel Vernon, then take them up by creating a clay sculpture using the codes of high and low reliefs.  

‍End-of-year vacationsfor 11-14 at Lee Ufan Arles!

Tuesday 2.01 Mobile Photofile‍

Constance Guisset is a French designer who designed and created the reception area and library at Lee Ufan Arles. The suspended lights she created were arranged to highlight the shapes and round shadows of the furniture. During this workshop, participants will create a photophile mobile; a suspension that loves light and plays with all its effects.   

Wednesday 3.01 Shadow & Light‍

Lee Ufan attaches great importance to light and its sidekick shadow in his work, drawing inspiration from Japanese thought. Whether light creates unexpected reliefs or shadow metamorphoses our perspective of a work, they are both integral characters in Lee Ufan's creations.

During this workshop, build your own shadow theater by imagining its silhouettes, set and performance space. 

Thursday 4.01 DioraMA

At Lee Ufan Arles, the architecture is based on the renovated Hôtel de Vernon, a 17th- and 18th-century mansion. But architecture, as a discipline that creates spaces, can also be spectacular, dreamy or extra-ordinary. In this workshop, participants will create a diorama-like room in an imaginary home: a bedroom with the Milky Way as its ceiling, an artist's studio or a kitchen made entirely of candy - the choice is theirs. 

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