Art & Environment Prize

In 2023, Lee Ufan Arles and Maison Guerlain have joined forces to create the Art & Environment Prize, which will be awarded each year to a project that focuses on the fruitful and multi-faceted relationship between artistic creation and the environment.

Sharing the same sensitivity to artistic support and transmission, as well as the same commitment to art and the environment, Lee Ufan Arles and Maison Guerlain wish to encourage artistic productions that are resolutely altruistic and responsible, opening up new dialogues with nature.

‍Art& Environment Prize is rooted in the complementary philosophies that animate Lee Ufan's work and Guerlain's commitments, proposing a space for reflection based on dialogue, creation and openness to the world and rewarding the winner with a residency and an exhibition.

‍Art& Environment Prize aims to promote the work of an artist by helping him or her to shine through the joint support of its two founding entities.

The Prize will be awarded each year to a work of universal scope whose philosophical depth echoes that of Lee Ufan and whose link to the environment resonates with the values defended by Guerlain. For Lee Ufan Arles and Guerlain, the aim is not so much to create a school as to develop a creative space that builds conceptual, semantic and aesthetic bridges between the work of young designers and that of Lee Ufan.

The Prize will therefore be sensitive to strong conceptual projects proposing a new vision of our relationship with modernity, as well as to works with long temporalities and links to nature, the environment and materials.

Entry requirements

This first edition of the Art & Environment Prize is open to all artists, regardless of artistic practice, with no age or degree limit, and international.

Selection criteria

- A CV detailing the artist's career (preferably with at least one solo exhibition and one or more group exhibitions).
- The sincerity, relevance and originality of the project, as well as its coherence with the issues and themes addressed by the Prize.
‍- The project for the residency, the theme, the result expected by the artist.

The Jury

The Prize jury will be chaired by Lee Ufan and made up of members of both entities as well as guest personalities, sponsors and patrons of the event on an ad hoc basis.

Alfred Pacquement, Honorary General Curator of Heritage. Honorary Director of the Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Pompidou. He was the first director of the Jeu de Paume national gallery, before taking over as director of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts until 2000. He was then director of the Musée National d'Art Moderne until his retirement in 2013.

Philippe Dagen is an art historian and researcher, who has published numerous works on pictorial movements and painters of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. He has also been an art critic with Le Monde newspaper since 1985.
Lee Ufan Arles:
Esra Joo, vice-president of Lee Ufan Arles, is the director of Studio Lee Ufan. She is also a curator and gallery owner.
Juliette Vignon, general coordinator, directs and organizes the activities of Lee Ufan Arles. This exhibition center, located in the heart of the city of Arles, is both a museum showcasing the artist's historical and recent work, and a living space that supports contemporary artistic creation and cultural encounters.‍

Gabrielle Saint-Genis, President and CEO of the House, intends to deepen Guerlain's links with the arts, women and the preservation of nature in the hope of shaping a more beautiful and responsible world.
Ann-Caroline Prazan, Director of Art, Culture and Heritage, perpetuates and promotes the artistic heritage of the House of Guerlain, which has collaborated with the greatest artists of its time since its foundation in 1828.
Alice Audouin, member of Guerlain's sustainability board alongside Cécile Lochard. She has been involved in sustainable development for 20 years, including 18 years on the link between contemporary art and the environment.

Residency and exhibition

Once the prize has been won, the winner will benefit from a six- to eight-week support program with Lee Ufan Arles and a unique production space in the heart of the Arles region. This "time-space" will not only enable the artist to carry out his or her artistic project, but also to meet the people and institutions relevant to its implementation: artists, art world professionals and local players who may resonate with the artist's work, but also with the public. Lee Ufan Arles and Guerlain intend to support the laureate in his or her work by multiplying encounters with international and local artists, curators and stakeholders. The residency will be followed by a summer exhibition of the artist's work at Lee Ufan's Espace MA in Arles.

Prize calendar

June 30 - Announcement and launch of the Art & Environment Prize and call for entries
September 20 - Deadline for entries to the Prize
October 16 - Interview sessions with finalists: project presentation and Q&A session
October 19-22 - Announcement of the Art & Environment Prize winner during Paris+ by Art Basel

Download the regulations in French
Download the regulations in English

‍Téléchargerles FAQ, plan et visuels de l'Espace MA / Download the FAQ, map and photographs of the Espace MA

Download the summary of the prize presentation in French
Download the summary of the prize in English

Entries for the 2023 Art & Environment Award are now closed.

If you have any questions about the call for projects, please contact: